“I’m so pleased with Bree’s gentle and minimally-invasive technique!  In the past, I have ended up with bruises from my Botox and facial filler that were very obvious.  The social downtime would last almost 2 weeks and would necessitate that I plan to limit my face-to-face interactions.  But no more!!!  Since I’ve found Bree, I have not had any noticeable bruising after my injections.  Her technique reminds me of an artist because of the care and skill with which she approaches each injection.   As a nurse, Bree always takes the time to listen to my concerns, then plans her approach like a expert and professional.” –  K.T.

Bree is amazing and knows just what to do with my Botox! She’s so gentle. She marks my face so she knows right whereto inject and has a calmness about her that makes me so comfortable. Thanks for keeping my wrinkles away Bree! – E.H.

“I was treated for years by another nurse injector. I thought it was normal to be covered in bruises after my treatments. Then I met Bree. Her technique is so minimally invasive and gentle, it was a completely different experience. Even while taking a blood thinner for 6 months, I did not leave with a single bruise. I couldn’t be more more pleased. Thanks Bree!”- E.R.

I started seeing Bree over a year ago and have noticed a change in my skin and complexion. I have gotten numerous chemical peels and in between peels have received a hydra facial. I recently started getting the VI peels and just after 1 peel, I already see and feel the difference. I also see Bree once a week for a B vitamin shot and recently did an IV infusion with vitamins. Bree is extremely responsive and accommodating when I text her for an appointment. Her spa space is inviting and relaxing. Bree is very knowledgeable on all the products she uses as well as the procedures. I highly recommend Bree.”  H.S.